Shana Falana: Set Your Lightning Free


Shana Falana, based in Kingston, NY is comprised of Shana and Mike Amari, romantic couple and incidental bandmates.

Their first full-length album, Set Your Lightning Free, was recently birthed into the world via Team Love Records. It’s available for purchase on Shopify.

Shana Falana’s particular brand of heavenly dreampop comes thoroughly drenched in reverb, backdropped by shimmery guitar licks and distant sounding drums. The cover image of the album is a suitable companion for such otherworldly soundbytes, portraying a sort of tenacious determination wrapped up in a package of psychedelic daydreams.

The accompanying album title, Set Your Lightning Free, calls to mind images of lightning and electricity. “Go” certainly feels electrified, one of the earlier tracks on the album (two tracks after “Gone”) and the chosen single. “Go” feels urgent and hungry, evident in the frantic electric guitars and the driving thunder of the drums, sometimes accompanied by Shana’s powerful (eternally reverberated) delivery. The track, even with its urgent delivery and occasionally violent lyrics (“I’ll take you / Break you”), still holds the characteristic and dreamy detachment of the shoegaze genre. The combination of Shana’s energy and echo chamber is infectious.

If that wasn’t enough reason to love Shana Falana, they/she made an “OFFICIAL CAT VIDEO” for the track “Heavenstay”, featuring members from Buffalo Sex Change. “Heavenstay” is equally as cavernous and catchy, filled with jangly guitars and some impressively tight drumming. Shana’s chorus of “high high high high high” is the perfect(ly hilarious) companion to a video of flying cats.

By the way, TOMORROW (7/24), check out the FB event pagefor our continuing saga of live music events, Covert Copse, taking place in yr favorite basement, Bohemian Grove. It’s going to be dreamy.

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