Audio Visuals at Palisades [EVENT REPORT]

Audio Visuals Mark Palermo 4
Photo by Mark Palermo.

This past Sunday, January 31, Bushwick music venue Palisades hosted a one-time only event to celebrate the art of the music video: Audio Visuals. It featured 22 music videos as varied as the backgrounds of their makers — including Emmy® Award winner Robert Kolodny, Finnish director Anton Tammi, the mind­-bending local favorite Dylan Greenberg, and Brooklyn-­based cinematographer Fletcher Wolfe fresh out of Sundance. Needless to say, it was a DIY-star-studded affair.

Audio Visuals Mark Palermo 1

Photo by Mark Palermo.

Locally based hip-hop artist KASSA started off the night with a performance to accompany his video for “Naked Light” (which premiered at the end of the night), directed by the incredibly prolific Ian Perlman. This opening performance was followed by another from Brooklyn rock band Kung Fu Crimewave, who introduced the screening with a performance in honor of the release of their new music video “Winter Squall”. Shot one stormy winter day on the Jersey Shore and directed by Brooklyn­-based filmmaker and “Audio Visuals” organizer Claire Ensslin, the video evokes how a 12­-year-­old might imagine a post­-apocalyptic wasteland.

Following the screening, over a dozen of the filmmakers in attendance took part in a panel segment to answer questions about their works and influences; while you won’t get to ask any questions, we’ve provided a full list of the videos that were screened on Sunday! As an added bonus, we’ve also included a time lapse video that shows the event itself.

Here’s a list of all the videos which were screened at Audio Visuals:

Kung Fu Crimewave – Winter Squall

Eric Holljes – Good In My Hood

Crazy and the Brains – Biggest In the World

The Underachievers – Herb Shuffles

Pastel Confessions – Love Pig

The Henry Millers – Hop

Starlight Girls – Inhibitionist

Monica Lionheart – Run

Toby Goodshank – Internet

LISTENBEE – Nottamun Town

Adam Green – Buddy Bradley

Ratking – Canal

Pekko – Hunger

Rush Midnight – Closer

Rachel Trachtenburg – I Like to be Alone

The Shilohs – The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go

Hailey Wojcik – Dog v. Man

Blackbird Raum – Cadillac Desert

Imperial Triumphant – Krokadil

Emilyn Brodsky – Born Again

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