woulg: tiny moon

woulg tiny moon

Greg Debicki is woulg, a Montréal-based composer, sound designer, and new media artist. His new album tiny moon is out today via the very excellent experimental electronic label Outlier Recordings, and we’re very happy to present it to you! I’m lazy, so I’m only gonna write up one track today, but I can promise you that this teaser only hints at the greatness of tiny moon. Before you listen to the track itself, I figured I’d include some words from the artist himself:

[Greg’s] music combines the dissonance and destructive aesthetics of grunge and the rhythmic complexity of IDM and jazz. By contrasting lumbering industrial flavoured sound design that is interwoven with glitch ideas and processes, with minimalist melodies and emotive soundscapes, Woulg’s music creates a tense, lurching and strange atmosphere.

On stage and in the studio he uses a collection of custom software, hacks and modified tools that he builds himself. Greg is an open-source and DIY advocate and his music can be found on like-minded labels: Outlier Recordings, Enig’matik, Weird and Wired and Illphabetik.

“tiny moon” (the title track of the album) begins with a shuddering onslaught of glitched-out noise, rhythmic in composition but confusing and overwhelming at the same time. The dissonance then fades into a very mellow, slow, and bass-heavy cadence which feels both mysterious and like it belongs in the background of a film displaying some seedy urban underbelly shit. Plinking high-tone synths are drizzled over clicking percussion and bass hits, and I must admit I’m encountering a bit of difficulty categorizing this number. The self-label of “IDM” feels pretty close to the mark, but where Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin crowd their music with hits, woulg is tasteful and restrained (at least, during the middle of this one). All in all, considering I’d never even heard this project before, I’d have to give you all a strong recommendation to listen to more of his stuff; clearly, Debicki is an artist on a mission, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting his future releases.

You can pick up the album on bandcamp and keep up with woulg on facebook.

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