Dawn Geometry: Magnetic Fields

dawn geometry

Dawn Geometry is the electronic sound project of Paris-based Alexandre Edenne, making tunes which “accompany the geometrical dawn” (naturally). He recently dropped a new track (Magnetic Fields), which you can stream just below.

I can’t help but agree with the most recent SoundCloud commenter – there are indeed some truly rich and satisfying analogue textures on this track, and a great variety of them too. In the beginning, these textures are muted and cloying, subtle tonal modulations which are meant to underscore the similarly muted vocals (“we try so hard / never understood”). After a few bars of spaced-out singing, a chunky hi-hat click comes in to mark time (and remains through many chord and tone changes). My favorite moment begins at around the 3 minute mark, when this track might be mistaken for a club thumper; it’s always super pleasing to hear a track transform itself over and over as it progresses. A shapeshifter, one might say. I also really like the ‘openness’ of the tones which develops in the latter half, a stark and enjoyable contrast to the ‘darker’ tones which introduced us to Magnetic Fields. The end of the song marks a slight return to darkness, though a resolved and somehow ‘less dark’ return.

You can hear more from Dawn Geometry on soundcloud or keep up with him on social media.

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