Myfwany Mars [HAIKU – WHO?]


Myfwany Mars, who goes by Myf, has a name as unique as her. As badass as her. As provocative as her. She got kicked out of high school at fifteen, after all. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t constantly self-educate, share the oddest trivia, and recite the longest list of podcasts that she ACTUALLY listens to. Kids, I’m not saying you should mimic her [dropping out…wait, maybe you should], but it does prove that if one is self-motivated enough they can leave the educational system behind, hit a major city, and grind (she ended up finishing high school on the internet and even going to a year of college).

She’s not just an ex-model (just google her or check out her Instagram) with long legs and cutting cheekbones, she’s more than that. And I mean more than just the model/artist combination that is, excuse this, pretty “in vogue” right now. She may have moved to NYC at 17 to pursue modeling, but she is in fact an artist: this year I’ve already been to two of her shows; one, where she designed psychedelic scarfs at Elvis Guesthouse, and was just part of a group show in Greenpoint where she displayed her sculptures. Myf also ran a studio called Vacancy in NYC for three years, with her ex-boyfriend. She is DIY, she is weird (but pre-Cara Delevigne weird), she dresses like a high fashion psychedelic witch, and she can curate a mean playlist; she also DJS around Brooklyn and the East Village. Environmentally conscious, she was raised by environmentalists in Brisbane (her “home” is now in Tasmania) and is a mostly-vegan herself. Oh, and she taught me what “pulling” is. Have your teeth/mouth ever experienced that?


I don’t want to start
Here, but wide eyes and piercing
Wolves do devour

She spews adages:
Fleeting crushes are extra fun
I would call that wise

Can pose on the spot
Skeptical of the modeling
World, New York/LA


Generous money time
She will come support your art
“That’s just what friends do”

Silk scarves solo show
Elvis Guesthouse drew a crowd

A work play balance
She will DJ at Berlin
Wake up for yoga


Sneakers and trousers
Psychedelic by nature
A sculptor and a painter

Fucks are given but
she can put herself first
women rarely can

Never tit for tat
A woman of the universe
It all comes around


Fun fun fun fun fun
Shouldn’t be underrated
That she practices

Invoking childhood
Her hands create geometry
Invokes nostalgia

If she were a drug
She would be mezcal/tequila
Elevates the mood


Don’t judge so quickly
Hopeful cynic, optimist
Highly smart but kind

Out of Herman Hesse
Independent but for real
Listens to thyself


Siobhan Bledsoe is a writer based in Brooklyn. If you’ve been missing her series of haikus, shame on you. Catch up here.

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