Echoscape: March of A Lonesome Man


Echoscape is the project name of one Satoshi Inoue, a Brooklyn-based musician and a guitarist in the truest sense of the word. He has just released a live performance video of the song March of a Lonesome Man, a track from Echoscape’s international collaboration with Piotr Pietrzak, an EP called My Heart is a Storm.

Check out Echoscape’s live performance (directed by Perik) below:

It is immediately apparent why Echoscape’s bandcamp qualifies the music as “math folk”; the rhythmic structures of the song are incredibly complex yet neatly folded into the melody. Satoshi has developed a distinctive playing style of finger tapping and clusters of rhythms. March of a Lonesome Man is wordless, yet absolutely expressive as Echoscape navigates his emotions through his instrument. Sonically, the composition gives abstract impressions of playfulness, turmoil, wistfulness, a buoyant intensity.

It’s clear from watching him play that Satoshi wields the full power of the instrument, finding marriage and harmony between both of his limbs and channeling it through the wood. His movements are deft and nimble: delicately tapped microrhythms, a palmed bass string, a triplicate of harmonics. Guitar players: take note.

Satoshi is an impressive (even intimidating!) talent. If you want to hear more from him, other recorded material exists on bandcamp.

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