Sedric Perry: Nubian Dream (prod. King Henry)


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sedric Perry dropped Nubian Dream. You may have noticed that it’s March: I can assure you that the mood of this track is suitable for the coming warmth. Produced by King Henry, Nubian Dream is skillful, smooth, and a bit sensuous. For your streaming pleasure:


Currently a student at The New School studying jazz, Sedrick Perry‘s roots are in Philly. A singer-songwriter, he has been crafting zen, subdued tunes for several years. It’s easy to see why Nubian Dream was released in time for Valentine’s Day. Duelling jazzy piano and trumpet comprise the instrumental sections of the track – taking his jazz dexterity and translating it into an R&B context. Sedrick’s voice is effortlessly silky, even gentle at times – can I venture a comparison to Sade? The jazz-infused instrumentation and masterful lushness of King Henry’s production feel like the latest appendage in contemporary jazz’s lineage. My only critique is that the drums lacked variance and depth on the low end — some good jazz drumming would nicely round out the track.

Overall, it’s decidedly dope. Keep up with Sedrick Perry via his Instagram and Soundcloud. Let’s not count how many times I used the word “jazz” in this article.

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