Julia Bray [HAIKU – WHO?]


Julia Bray, actress, dancer, singer, writer, performer, teacher (follow her Instagram to see seriously *precious* pictures of her teaching tots ballet) and healer (I swear! Breathe!) has A Presence. The presence of the feeling where you’re snuggled under a comforter during the winter but you still have the window cracked a bit for the cool breeze to remind you of its power. Perhaps that’s tenuous, but doesn’t that make you feel alive, but safe? Wild but stable? The wind is strong but softly/sensually confident. Like her. Essentially, she personifies calmness and drive, and has worked damn hard to achieve it. Her work ethic is unparalleled.

She’s also funny as fuck, down to earth but highly trained. She has dichotomies down and she’d be the first to tell you that people are complex. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Julia Bray is a graduate of NYU Tisch School Of The Arts and has performed around NYC since. In fact, come September, she’ll have been here for ten years. Honey blonde hair and husky-blue eyes, she holds eye contact, actively listens, and genuinely cares. Shy of self-promotion, I’m doing it for her!

Not an opportunist, she is very much an innovator. In fact, she’s started a monthly theatrical evening in her loft called ALL BOATS which she defines as:”an evening of new 10 minute pieces spanning theater, dance, song, film, stand up, performance art and beyond, based on a nomination process.” She started ALL BOATS to create a safe, diverse, and collaborative creative space outside of her typical theater scene. She’s worked hard, and as of last Friday, it is one year old. If you want to learn more about her past performances, and future, check out her website. Oh, and if you hang out with her for more than 5 minutes you’ll surely hear her use the word magical. Onto the haikus.

haiku-flowers (1 of 1)

1). actor singer wait
calves strong eyes blue hair blonde
dancer writer too

2). hailing from portland
she, a goddess of the earth
an old good witch soul

3). Universe attuned
aquarius personified
in case you don't know:

4). intelligent loyal
independent yet still there
well-spoken and direct

5). both females and males
attract her sexual proclivity
why discriminate

6). instagram on lock
this girl can take a picture
generous with likes

7). babely and sexy
boy ballet does something right
gams arms gams arms gams

haiku-flowers-2 (1 of 1)

8). practitioner of
meditation she invites all
novice or a pro

9). yoga commmited
kundalini practiced
balanced and present

10). a dancers posture
mind/body connection i believe
to be very real now

11). creator of ALL BOATS
and encouraging of friends
to join in theater

12). born from an art womb
mom makes bow ties, dad he paints
sister wins the 'net

13). ok fine i'll tell
she's been on law & order
you google for ep

14). style style style ish
she is one who can wear hats
abs made for crop top

15). dixon place i sat
mesmerized by her solo show
awe aura & grace

You can check out Julia’s project ALL BOATS on the website.

Siobhan Bledsoe is a poet based in Brooklyn. You can find her work on her website or instagram.

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