You Should Know: Ambient Music That Came Out Last Week

Scattered Clouds Band Canada's Floating Underwater The Fire Empire

There was a lot of good music released last week, and for some reason, much of it was ambient and dreamy music. Perhaps it’s the hazy and peaceful afterglow of 4/20. 2015 is already so abundant with some awesome releases. In any case, we thought we’d compile a few of the best ambient releases that have been coming out lately.

Visionary Hours:
Footfalls Echo

In the band’s own words, Visionary Hours is “slowly evolving modern-classical pieces, full of space and gently revealed”. The Poland musicians consist of . Sad Time Stretching Before And After might be alien contact: distant synths and strange loops make the sonic wasteland simultaneously empty and full.

Robot Love: [OUT_61] Book Of Leaves

Robot Love is a mysterious New York-based moniker for a producer on Outlier Recordings. “Filament” is crackling ambience, delicately creaking bass and tender jazz piano delivered in manic succession.

The full album is available for streaming via Soundcloud.

Ackerman: Sleep Songs
Ackerman's Jordan McAfee and Matti Dunietz

If you didn’t miss our $~*$ #exclusiveinterview$~, you’d know that Brooklyn musician(s) Ackerman released their album Sleep Songs independently this week. Sleep Songs is a dreamlike sonic state colored with harmonized vocals and lush production sensibility.

You can name your price for Sleep Songs on Ackerman’s bandcamp.

Scattered Clouds: The First Empire
Scattered Clouds Band Canada's Floating Underwater The Fire Empire

Scattered Clouds is a Hull, Québec-based experimental musical group/collective. Floating Underwater manages to be both funereal and reverent, drowning in roomy synths and ethereal distance. The album was released on E-Tron Rec. and can be found on bandcamp for your listening pleasure.

If there’s something we missed, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget that you can always submit music to us using our Submissions page.

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