God Tiny, Living Hour, Whitewash and Frog


On Friday, September 25th, No Smoking Media hosted a pretty cool rock n’ roll show at Brooklyn venue Don Pedro featuring the music of frog, Whitewash, Living Hour, and God Tiny. We’ve got full res, downloads, and lots more pics on our flickr page. This was also the first time Olivia Pasquarelli has ever shot one of our events, and we’re glad to have her on board! Check out her work on her website.


Frog Band (Queens)

Frog band from nyc queens

God Tiny

God Tiny Band (NYC)

God Tiny Band (NYC)

Living Hour

Living Hour band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg Canada Manitoba band Living Hour




Jon Ben-Menachem, NYU student, whitewash bassist, sign holder

All photos by Olivia Pasquarelli.

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