TRIE at Babycastles

Trie, an electronic music showcase.

No Smoking is proud to present its third-ever live music showcase TRIE, this time at Manhattan video game arcade-turned-music-venue Babycastles!


MATAS is Ben Kruse, a Bolivian who now lives in NYC and makes various types of electronic music.



Fro-Yo Ma is Zack Villere, a New Orleans-based student who has made his way up the east coast to bless us with his beats.

Fro-Yo Ma


Mad Animals is an adolescent (and subsequently angsty) moon bear from southeastern Pennsylvania, who, in his free time, likes to make ambient music. Sometimes (clearly pushing boundaries) his music includes drums and other rhythmic elements. Mad Animals also works extensively with sampling and manipulating videos, which he pretends that he made on his own.

mad animals


Dean Cercone is a secluded and evolved visual artist and experimental musician who hops between Renfrew, Pittsburgh, and Brooklyn. His recorded music can be described as folk, electronic, or experimental, but his live performance is so magical that it surpasses genre entirely.

Dean Cercone, artist


Malakai is the musical vision of Colorado/New York based producer and guitarist, Malakai Linden. His music strives to bridge the gap between electronic and acoustic styles, incorporating the sounds of real instruments into beautiful electronic beats. Malakai’s live show includes beats mixed with live guitar and other instrumentation. He began producing music in 2011 at the age of 17 under the guidance of acclaimed producer Derek VanScoten. He now studies Music Technology and Sound Engineering at New York University in New York City. 


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