Bernie Sanders Benefit @ Shea Stadium 9/27

Bernie Sanders

My first run in with the infamous Bushwick Berners grassroots organizing group (of pretty considerable acclaim) was when Jon of Robot Death Kites hit me up on Facebook about organizing a meeting for some volunteers this summer. I won’t claim to be as involved as the man with the plan, but I will say that getting hands-on experience in grassroots organizing was a life-changing experience to say the least. Bernie Sanders himself actually has an indirect claim to DIY fame, as espoused by VICE – so, it’s fitting that there’s been a punk show organized in his name. Bushwick Berners, Ipsum, and Colonel are all working together to put on a benefit show for Bernie at long-time Brooklyn DIY spot Shea Stadium, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. You’ll be able to grab your own Feel The Burn mugs and other Bernie-affiliated swag at the event, and volunteers will be registering new voters and generally doing things that benefit democracy as a whole. Gonna run through the artist list for all you Berners out there. Grab tickets here!

Guerilla Toss

Guerilla Toss are a NYC-based post-jam band who engage in what seem to be disco-inspired, insanity-fueled sonic rampages. They were also recently signed to DFA Records, which is fucking awesome. They are probably the most melodic and therefore least-fitting band on the (primarily punk-dominated) bill, but will certainly provide a fantastic energy to end the politically-styled evening.

Mannequin Pussy

Mannequin Pussy are a Philadelphia-based punk band who self-describe as “CHILDHOOD PALS TURNED DEGENERATES / LIKE A BAT STUCK IN A TENT.” It’s pretty damn fitting. They’re on Tiny Engines, which is also a cool label.

Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords is a Purchase, NY-based punk band who sometimes veer into the territories of screamo and hardcore. It makes me sort of scared, but I’m into it. I think that was the point, right?


Nonsense is a NYC-based punk band half-fronted by Ipsum dark-aesthetic booking and promotion aficionado Tyler Kane. Their tunes are pretty rippingly satisfying.

Don’t forget to buy yourself some tickets, or at the very least get in touch with the Berners to get involved! Bernie Sanders Benefit for life.

Bernie Sanders Benefit Show @ Shea Stadium

Poster by the delightful Preston Spurlock!

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