Whitewash: Member [VIDEO]

Whitewash - Member

We are finally at that dark, dark moment of No Smoking Media’s history where Jon has stooped to the level of promoting his own music. On the bright side, you’ll get to see one of our most accomplished writers wearing a Halloween-store “POLICE” hat and fake mustache while he (I) goes crazy chasing down those pesky drug-dealing bandmates. In any case, this is the new Whitewash video for “Member,” one of the catchiest singles from their 2015 LP release Shibboleth. Stream the video below!

I’d like to point out that I only wore my mustache in half of the scenes to create an absolute void of continuity/an eternal well of absurdity. Perhaps my favorite moment of this video is when the cat-and-mouse chase is captured on a selfie stick image (also included in the video). It’s quite amusing. In any case, this video doesn’t accomplish too much more than looking pretty and cultivating a humorous aesthetic for a serious-sounding song which is actually quite humorous in origins. How quaint!

You can keep up with Whitewash on social media and stream the rest of their album on bandcamp. Also gonna embed the album track below because I can:

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