Space Captain: Easier / Remedy

Space Captain

Everything happens quickly in New York. I’m thankful that it occurred to Space Captain co-founders Alex Pyle and Maralisa Simmons-Cook to lay down some downtempo neo-soul tracks on the collective’s latest double A-side: Easier / Remedy. The double single comes to us in anticipation of a full EP due later this year on the UK based label Tru Thoughts (which explains why their bandcamp has the price in pounds). You can stream the double-single release below.

Strip away the horns, the Dilla inspired beats and the shiny keyboards and you’re still left with tasty bass lines and effortless vocal melodies, the foundation of truly well written songs. I can’t help but liken Simmons-Cook’s harmonies to those of Judith Hill on her solo record Back In Time. You get the instrumentals and a capella versions of the tracks when you buy them on Bandcamp so all you producer types should eat this up and get to remixin’.

You can keep up with Space Captain on social media and stream their other stuff on their bandcamp.

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