Vundabar, Whitewash, Wakes, Bulbs @ Palisades

Vundabar, Whitewash, Wakes, Bulbs @ Palisades

Our next showcase is a beautiful, beautiful collaboration between classic NSM booking staff (AKA Jon) and Aley, who you can get familiar with on twitter or instagram. We’ve got a healthy mix of Boston and New York City rock bands Vundabar, Whitewash, Wakes, and Bulbs live at Bushwick all-ages DIY spot (and Jon’s favorite NYC venue) Palisades.


Vundabar began as a recording project between Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald during their last year in high school together. Since then it has grown into far more. In April of 2013 they released their first album ‘Antics’ independently, which was followed up with multiple US tours and their first European tour, a two month string of shows with an emphasis on Festival dates as well as club dates. They have since returned to Europe for a second tour in the fall of 2014 and are anticipating a follow up tour in the spring of 2014. All of this being said, the three current members are only between 19 and 20 years of age. The Boston trio has been described as jangle pop and often compared to the likes of The Pixies and Thee Oh Sees for their quiet/loud dynamic and pop sensibility. They’re know for their energetic live sets, and comedic approach to the performance.

Vundabar press photo


Haven’t you heard enough about my band by now? If you weren’t familiar before, Whitewash is composed of four suave and sultry dudes who met at NYU in 2012 and identify as intergalactic softcore pornstars. They make music that hovers between lush and tense vibes, and ultimately their goal is to seduce your ear canals.

Whitewash band NYC No Smoking Elvis Guesthouse 9-5 (1 of 1)-2


Tim Oxton started a recording project and called it Polaroids. Now it’s called Wakes. He describes his tunes as music for late nights – a man of few words, clearly.

Wakes band


Originally conceived as a solo recording project, Bulbs was formed in the summer of 2014 by Michael Kolb. Seeing the importance of live performance, Kolb recruited Luke Scales (Guitar/Sax), Seth Zucker (Bass) and Sarah Peterson (Drums/Percussion) to form a live band. Kolb self released a split, Stoop To Less, with Hudson Valley experimental folk duo Street Rats in November 2014.

Kolb & the Bulbs

Vundabar, Whitewash, Wakes, and Bulbs @ Palisades October 25

Poster by Alison Saparoff and Simone Sutnick.

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