Secret Crush: Shoot an Arrow

Secret Crush

Bushwick-based indie rockers Secret Crush are at it again with “Shoot an Arrow,” the latest in a notable line of catchy singles. These boys have been playing all my favorite NYC venues, from Palisades to Shea Stadium, and they even did a recording session with Converse Rubber Tracks last week. Pretty rad! Check out the new single just below.

I really, really dig the intro to this track. A driving (yet somehow also laid-back) bassline is at the core of a chugging hi-hat driven drum part and noodly guitar licks, and the mixing is super solid. Then it feels like a car pulls back into second gear as the drum beat changes and the first vocals come in, super pleasant and breathable music. Most of the lyrics are too hazy to comprehend, which isn’t something I generally have a problem with; it makes the feel of this track somewhat smoother than some of their more hook-based numbers. “Shoot an Arrow” is all about bass burbling and guitar noodling, and I can get on board with that.

You can keep up with Secret Crush on social media or buy their music on bandcamp.

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