GGGGHOSTS: I Found a Body (Near Lemon Hill) [VIDEO]


I Found a Body (Near Lemon Hill) [Acoustic] is a followup to last October’s series of demos released on GGGGHOSTS’ bandcamp, with significantly better audio quality and equally snarky album covers. The band is from Medford, Massachusetts, and appear to be freshmen attending Tufts University – this is mostly speculation, however, since the band isn’t very active on social media, perhaps be design. I Found a Body (Near Lemon Hill) is an awesomely catchy 2-and-a-half-minute endeavor featuring the three members of the band on acoustic, stripped-down instruments.

Some highlights: the acoustic instruments mesh together with awesome simplicity and ease, without the mudiness of the demos. I’d be interested to hear what the band does with a well recorded electric setup. The bassist looks groovy as fuck in the video, his walking bassline is tight with the acoustic drumming. The vocalist’s delivery is awesome, with a welcome melding of raspiness and power. There’s only so much one can say about a two minute song and an Internet-elusive band, so just watch the video and be pleased with some tunes, okay??!

Add that shit to your music collection for free.

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