The Meaning of Life: Cherry Trees [Video]


A woman wearing a necklace made of french fries bites into a fry, then suddenly we’re in a chamber of weird sounds and bubble guns and US flags draped over buttocks. The video’s concept is taken largely from the track title, “I Want To Do With You What the Spring Does with the Cherry Trees,” the closing line to a Pablo Neruda poem. Sultry costumed ladies perform emotive interpretive dances to the almost-wordless verses, and suddenly the imagery is broken by a split-second flash of a key, a skull, a heart; quite sublime. The subject of the track (i.e. the “you” in the song title) seems to be embodied by one Winston Scarlett, who alternately lies around and dances around rooftops as object of female concerns. It seems that I find Winston everywhere I look – someone really needs to make a montage of all his video cameos. “Where’s Winston?”

The arty rooftop shots soon become meshed with shots of band members breaking equipment on the ground (a keyboard splinters, a guitar shatters), and we get a quick shot of french fry-girl making faces, disorienting sky shots, and a little umbrella icon? Surreal, man. Above all, the video is playful and fun, and a visually appealing companion to a reverb-soaked groove marathon of a track.

This track will be featured on Meaning of Life’s next EP, “Diamond and Junkfood.”

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