Living Hour: Steady Glazed Eyes [Video]


Living Hour is a Winnipeg-based rock outfit who play hazy tunes tinged with psychedelia. They’re working with a couple different labels to release their eponymous album, but it won’t be available digitally until 2016 (I’ve heard it, it’s pretty damn good). Tree Machine Records (based in Indiana) will be releasing the album on April 23 on a cassette run limited to 200 copies, and Art is Hard Records (based in England) will release the album on vinyl in 2016. Pretty exciting stuff.

The female singer calmly sits on a chair framed by questionably living flora, belting out the hazy lyrics (‘steady glazed eyes / stare at the sunshine’ is pretty much all I can make out) as a bunch of coy-lookin’ sunglass-sportin’ dudes stare at the camera. The shots mostly rely on a psychedelic projection on the faces of the band members and some clever rainbow visual effects – at one point, there’s a pretty crazy image of some sort of bird of prey spreading its wings in shimmery glory. The imagery fits the music pretty well – not too active, not too presumptuous, just full of feels and aesthetic.

Keep up with Living Hour on social media and stream more music on their bandcamp.

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