[11/15] dreamcrusher, Copley Medal, PIGS, Pretengineer, Macula Dog @ Aviv


It’s not often that we get to host the sonic evidence of nihilist revolt music in a Brooklyn warehouse. Okay, maybe it’s getting increasingly more common for us. But we’re excited about it in any case. We will be convening at our favorite true-DIY spot Aviv this Sunday, November 15, to see some truly fucked performances from talents like Macula Dog, Pretengineer, Politically Involved Girls, Copley Medal, and dreamcrusher. Live visuals will be done by the ever-talented Dominick Chang. Get pumped! Facebook event is here, and you can buy tickets here.


dreamcrusher is Luwayne Glass, a human from Wichita KS who now resides in the one and only Brooklyn NY. They identify as straight edge, queer, vegan, and they make “nihilist queer revolt musik” which is both destructive and transcendent. We are extremely happy to welcome them to NYC.

dreamcrusher at torus porta

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk at Torus Porta.

Copley Medal

Copley Medal is the side project of one Ryan Martin who is involved with Brooklyn-based industrial project York Factory Complaint, a member of modular electronic group On A Clear Day, co-owner of record label Dais Records and also runs his own solo imprint, Robert & Leopold. His work is bleak and trudgingly progressive, toeing the line between experimental electronic and darker industrial tones. It’s very worth a listen.

Copley Medal


Politically Involved Girls is a mystery. You’ll have to show up to learn about it.

politically involved girls


Pretengineer started in the winter of 2010 as an experiment into zero-input mixing. Now Pretengineer is an experiment in aural/optical live performance and recording project.

Pretengineer at Aviv

Photo of Pretengineer at Aviv by Kwame Anyane-Yebo.

Macula Dog

Macula Dog are a bunch of fucking weirdos. No, really. Their music is at once atonal and clunky, occupying a space that comforts fans of Devo or music that’s difficult to listen to. Their live show is inordinately performative and sexual, but words won’t and don’t do it justice. You’ll just need to see for yourself.

macula dog

Macula Dog

dreamcrusher, copley medal, pigs, pretengineer, macula dog at aviv for no smoking media

Artwork by Christina Scott.

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