Pre-Willy: Boo Luvin Joose


Pre-Willy is a recording project created by William Smith, and he just dropped “Boo Luvin Joose” off of his debut EP Gin and Coupons. The tracks being released were written in a small, hot bedroom in Beacon, NY. Inspired by keyboard phrases and “coming of age” lyrics, the music is a reflection of staying up all night and recording music by yourself. William currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is trying to survive in a playground of loneliness. You can stream “Boo Luvin Joose” below thanks to eternal homies Sad Cactus Records.

The defining aspect of this track is the deliberately off-kilter-yet-groovy bassline that doesn’t change in the slightest for the entire two-minute duration. The burbly tone is nice, though I do wish there had been a little more riffing; this is done instead with far-out guitar wahs and viscerally satisfying chunky synth tones between the chorus and verse. The lyrics are a little hard to make out, but delivered in a swaggering (if sometimes rushed) cascade of what appears to be machismo. I hope the rest of the EP has some more deep cuts, but this is by no means an uninteresting track – perhaps a simple and energetic one which fortunately doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Keep up with Pre-Willy on social media and pre-order his album via Sad Cactus.

You can also catch him at any of these upcoming shows (next week!):
11/19 @ Gateway — Brooklyn NY [EP RELEASE SHOW] 11/20 @ Quinn’s — Beacon, NY
11/27 @ Elvis Guesthouse — Manhattan NY

Pre-Willy EP Release at The Gateway

Pre-Willy EP release at The Gateway with Pluto Moons, Tundrastomper, Aural Burrows and Slime Boys.

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