The All Brights …Are Wild For The Night!

the all brights
The All Brights’ debut EP …Are Wild For The Night! sarcastically nods to the west coast bands you’d most likely find on a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack.

Shit gets weird when you’re with The All Brights, a supergroup of sorts that recently joined punk label Red Scare’s roster. The four-piece consists of Big Dave Wave (better known as Dave Hause of The Loved Ones), Shreddin’ Sean Sellers of Good Riddance, Matt Simumwaves, and Pat L. Bored. If you couldn’t gather from their stage names, The All Brights have tried their hand at the SoCal, surf-punk aesthetic and they have, without a doubt, nailed it. Their priorities reside on the beach, as their satirical motto clearly suggests: “We don’t mind minimum wage if we spend most days getting maximum waves.” Although meant to be a parody of that carefree, slacker-surfer mentality, the EP is melodic and catchy as all get out. Whether you turn on these tunes for a few laughs or simply to catch up on Hause and Sellers’ latest project, I guarantee you’ll have a blast.

“Hell on a Surfboard” seems reminiscent of Weezer’s “Surf Wax America,” not so much in its sound but more so in its content. Instead of taking their boards to work like Rivers does, The All Brights cruise straight to hell. “West Coast Fuck You” blatantly rips on The Bouncing Souls’ “East Coast Fuck You,” listing all the reasons why The Golden State prevails over any other. “Storm the Beach” and “Sunscreen Blues” keep up with the laid-back vibes, as Big Dave Wave and the gang hang around the sand bar. The last track, “Wild for the Night,” laughingly rags on west coast style, saying “My skinny pants have never really felt this tight before/Now I can’t breathe right/I’m wild for the night.” More importantly, the song unmistakably makes reference to The Loved Ones’ “Jane,” with Hause singing the lyric “I’m sick of feeling like I lost this fight, tonight, tonight, alright, alright.” And as expected from this wild group of friends who have an affinity for their own band name, they replace the final “alright” with a collective and resounding “all bright.”

To find out when you can hang ten with The All Brights, follow them on Facebook! You can also purchase a physical copy of …Are Wild For The Night! over at Red Scare or digitally on iTunes!

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