Mykil Love: Love is Incest


Mykil Love is the music project/mysterious alias of Michael Palladino, a NY-cum-Boston based musician and solo artist. “Love is Incest” is the first track available off of his upcoming eponymous debut, to be released on Invertebrate.

Mykil Love’s vocal performance slips between soft and brooding to effortless falsetto. Sometimes his voice warbles not-quite off-key, almost piercing in its delivery. He delivers the lines above a sea of twangy guitars and consistent live drumming. “Love is Incest” doesn’t sound like a solo project – there is a full set of rock instruments with their own complexities. There is a rad guitar solo near the end of the song, assumedly multi-tracked by Mykil above the other instrumentation.


If the sardonic press photos featuring Michael with his hand down his pants would be any indication, the appeal of this album merits solely on the personality of Mykil Love. His bandcamp profile states “Bloo-hoo-bluh. Just another boy in a big town” – Mykil’s brand of sarcasm saturates his lyrics, too, which possess a deep cynicism and caustic irony: snippets like “Put on a T.V. screen instead / Too much aversions breeding” or “Stop the building from burning / Cut the tongue of the liar” punctuate the song, which has the equally suspect title of “Love is Incest”. Consequently, we can’t help but wonder what tidbits are hidden inside some of the other tracks, especially one called “Mustard Stain”.

You can listen to “Love is Incest” on bandcamp now, and you can also wait patiently for the album’s release in May.

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