Talay: Piece By Piece


On October 9th, Megan Talay independently released her debut EP Piece By Piece complete with a music video, physical CDs and a bumpin’ release party at Rockwood Music Hall. The EP comes to us as a product of mounting career momentum built by Talay since she graduated from the Bruce Hornsby American Music program at the University of Miami a little over a year ago – take a listen!

You probably have your favorite list of albums to fall asleep to, but finding the right soundtrack for one’s morning routine can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Piece By Piece is a terrific EP to wake up to. With lyrics that are poetic yet at times playful and arrangements that are both simple and alive, the EP is best enjoyed over some hot coffee with a blanket and some slippers.

Talay calls her herself ‘alt-folk’ which I agree with though I do think it’s worth mentioning her inherent pop/alt sensibility a la Ingrid Michealson or Brandi Carlile. Talay has been praised for her lyric writing in the past and it is in this aspect of the Piece By Piece that the genre interplay is perhaps best exemplified. The EP’s standout track in my opinion is “Forever In My Hand” in which Talay briefly sings about the anxious practice of sidestepping piles of books and clothes on one’s bedroom floor before proceeding on to more sublime topics including the fate of her soul after death.

Look out for upcoming shows and keep up with Talay on her website or on social media. You can stream a couple tracks of Piece By Piece on Soundcloud but definitely consider copping a physical copy…cause you know… support local artists :]

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