Jazze Belle: Jagged Edge

Jazze Belle: Jagged Edge

Harlem-based electro-soul duo Jazze Belle (composed of Taylor Simone and Jett) just dropped “Jagged Edge,” a playful and edgy composition which has a wide range of sonic reference. The track was recorded by No Smoking sometimes-staff member Dominick Chang, who donated his Moog Sub Phatty to the mix. We’ve got the track ready for you to stream right here at No Smoking.

The track begins with a crunchy bassline that moves in a vaguely circular progression, laying a solid foundation for Simone’s vocal delivery and extended metaphor (“a jagged feeling, I been walking on one leg since I met you, I’m uneven at best”). Synth and vocal layerings prove to be both tasteful and pleasant, developing into a plinky-yet-smooth chorus section which recalls the hyperspeed beats of Flying Lotus. I really enjoy the weird genre space that this track occupies – it’s not entirely soul (though the vocal delivery is firmly soul-related), not entirely jazz (though the synth licks would lead you to believe as much), but occupies a cool sort of future-funk/neo-soul/I’m-sick-of-making-up-genres category that is all of them and none of them at once.

Keep up with Jazze Belle on facebook or on their website.

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