SIDEASIDEB are a dreampop / indie rock band based in Brooklyn who specialize in a specific brand of droned-out minimalism. The Future is being released ahead of their new ‘collection of epic lush tunes’ called Evergreen Rust, for which there is a (free) tape release party Sunday May 3 at Central Station with Happy Lives, Sharkmuffin, Chimes and Sunset Images.

The Future begins in a sort of referential manner (reverb hall’d guitar riffs, pulsing synth plunks, counter-melodic bassline), reminding me strongly of like five shoegaze bands at once but not sticking close enough to any particular pre-established style for me to bother mentioning the associations coming into my head. The vocal melody is very compelling and well-produced, though I can hardly make out the words (“the inside” / “just between you and me” ?); when the chorus kicks in, the bass drum blasts paired with an even more powerful vocal style (a change from the almost lilting verse style) make it a pretty solid ‘single’ vibe. After the second chorus, the feel becomes a lot more hectic and dissonant, with more contrasting guitar textures and a really awesome Oneohtrix-esque synth tone layered on top as the bridge progs its way out of existence before ending abruptly. If I had one problem with this track, it would probably be the production – the kick tone gets a little dry for my taste (indeed, the kick-snare alternation is powerful but unfortunately overpowers the ride), and somehow the track feels a little indistinct on the whole (lots of glue – maybe also not mastered loud enough). Still, it’s a cool number.

You can keep up with SIDEASIDEB on social media or their website, or you can stream their music on soundcloud.

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