SUPERTEEN: Blue Bin (Premiere)

Salem band SUPERTEEN's song Blue Bin from their album Stay Creepy via Sad Cactus

Stay Creepy is Massachusetts-based SUPERTEEN’s follow up to their 2013 album Exponential SUPERTEEN, and their 2014 split-EP with NC’s Brother Beast. The album will be released on May 26th via Sad Cactus. Get hyped.

The band describes the track as thus:

“There are five people in SUPERTEEN, and entropy is real. Keep them in a room long enough together with a twelve-pack of energy drinks and everyone starts talking over each other. Everyone has something to say. Relationships, interests, and aesthetic values are always changing, but the intensification is constant. This is what Stay Creepy sounds like. Blue Bin arrives halfway through the album, and provides one of its more stable and composed moments. It begins by delivering a thoughtful perspective about the importance of mercy and the salvation it can offer to our inevitable mistakes, before relapsing into the sleepless delirium that defines the album.”

Embarrassingly, it took me a few listens to figure out that this track is about recycling as metaphor. It’s not surprising then, that the lyrics of “Blue Bin” are brimming with the existential angst and loss of innocence that accompanies teetering on the edge of adulthood: “I saw myself born in trash, as trash / and of all the feelings that come and go, that one lasts”. The instrumental sections are too slippery and impatient to grasp with a closed fist, rapidly building, dying, and being reborn in different incarnations of sneering electric guitars and convulsive drumming. The repeated lyric “the breaking down and the rebuilding” serves not only the recycling-as-life comparison, but also as a (perhaps unintentional) descriptor of the track’s constantly reincarnating structure.

“Blue Bin” feels exhaustive, heavy with intricacies, polyrhythms, breakdowns, buildups. That makes the ending of the track even more harrowing: “I turn to glass” is repeated over a sea of discord, fading into an eerie and sustained nothingness. If “Blue Bin” is “one of the more stable and composed moments” of the album, I’m excited to see what absolute ruin awaits on Stay Creepy.

You can preorder Stay Creepy (in cassette, digital, or CD format!) via Sad Cactus.

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