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Photo from Nosaj Thing’s instagram.

“Let You” is the newest released track from Nosaj Thing’s third studio album, Fated, due out on Innovative Leisure / Timetable Records next month.

L.A. producer Nosaj Thing is no stranger to the hip-hop game: he most recently shared a collab with Chance the Rapper and Maceo Haymes (The O’My’s) “Cold Stares”, as the first single from the album. His producer curriculum vitae is seriously impressive: he’s produced for some of hip-hop’s biggest names (Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi), as well as held a multi-national worldwide tour. Due out May 5th, Fated represents a collection of Nosaj Thing’s latest experimental/instrumental electronic sounds.

Nosaj Thing

“Let You” is hypnotic – the sonic space is big and roomy, where the chopped n’ screwed samples have ample space to ooze out over the drum track. While the hip-hop influence is certainly imbued in the trap-y drums and repeating up-pitched samples, there are a lot more subtle experimental sounds at play. Nosaj Thing’s production finds its strength in subtlety and editing, careful minimalism. Every sound included feels like it had been very deliberately added, floating at just the right frequency in a sonic bubble. It’s this thoughtfulness that makes the really heavy ‘produced’ moments seem more intense and poignant. “Let You” is subtle, sweet, and chilly. If his previous work is any indicator, Fated is going to be an awesome ride.

You can stream Nosaj Thing’s music on his soundcloud.

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