I is a collection of songs set to appear on Past Life’s upcoming cassette. The EP is short, energetic, and sweet: none of the three songs exceed 2:30, with the shortest one clocking in at under two minutes. At its core, Past Life’s EP could most simply be called a collection of rock songs. Punchy, fuzzy, and full of electricity, Brooklyn-based Past Life’s debut (preview?) EP is recorded evidence of their live act that has been playing shows in Brooklyn over the past several months.

“Hate Bloomer” is reminiscent of grunge music, wrapped up in the distortion and fuck-you attitude of 90’s alternative. The chorus is a lethargic anthem, lyrics imbued with the apathetic attitude you’d expect to accompany such a nasty guitar lick: “Hangin’ around/Weighin’ me down/Every day/Wasting away”. All of the lyrics on the Past Life EP are similarly simple and derisive – on “Sever Your Love”, a bitter diatribe about an ex-lover, we hear “Why would I try? It’s all the same to me” awash in distortion and electric-induced fuzz.

Should you desire more sonic disruption from Past Life, you can purchase their music on bandcamp. Keep an eye out for their upcoming tape too, yo.

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