Budo Kiba Collective: One for Charlie

Budo Kiba Collective

Budo Kiba Collective is a group of musicians, rappers and visual artists based out of NYC, and it was founded by matas, edo lee, iota & tru type. They have a pretty sick bandcamp featuring tracks by young, upcoming NYC hip-hop and beat-producing artists; if you’re looking to catch them in person, they do lots of Brooklyn-based events, especially at blog favorite big-purple-room Palisades. They recently released a three-way collaborative track with beats by m∞n, vocal mix by matas, raps by Amani Fela and mastering by Ajax Abernathy – you can stream it below!

“Untitled” features Amani’s signature tranquil/hazy flow, cascading over jazzy synthesizers and smooooooth production. A subdued female vocal floats in the background, accompanied by softened synths played like jazz piano. Seriously, this is a deliciously mellow track. Several times in the song, Amani repeats “vibrations”; it’s a good mantra for a song that sounds so mesmerisingly zen.

In other recent Budo Kiba news, if you’re looking for an aggressive yet groovy hip-hop tape, look no further than the Strangelove EP which dropped a couple months back. Budo Kiba also released a substantial ambient electronic collab mix which I HIGHLY recommend you check out.

Keep up with Budo Kiba Collective on social media, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Budo Kiba Collective

Pictured: Amani Fela (rapper), m∞n (producer)

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