Dreamcrusher: Hackers All of Them Hackers


Dreamcrusher is Luwayne Glass, who hails from Wichita, Kansas and is currently located in Brooklyn. Their latest album of self described “nihilist queer revolt music” was released on Fire Talk Records and is entitled Hackers All of Them Hackers. They recently premiered the video for “Fear (And No Feeling)”, which you can see below:

What I think differentiates Dreamcrusher from similar acts is their own presence amidst the choas – often noise music is apolitical, asexual, without context. Peeling back the layers of scratch and distortion, there’s actually a lot of sonic substance and raw energy behind the noise. In “Fear (And No Feeling)”, the desperate, disembodied shouts of “feeling” punctuate high-pitched wails. Dreamcrusher is able to add a real context and subjectivity to their pieces – it’s clear from the attention to rhythm that many tracks on Hackers All of Them Hackers are inspired by hip-hop. This is apparent on “Adore”, where we can hear a gentle, subdued female voice bubbling up behind the scratchy and groovy electronic drums.

If you look at the waveform of these tracks on Soundcloud, it’s almost uniformly one height: a bloated wall of sound. Dreamcrusher overloads their creations with sensory texture and ambient fuzz, tracks ranging from slightly crunchy to downright brutal (“Trapdoor ft. Secret Boyfriend”). Within this web of feedback-laden chaos, the production never slips into the territory of repetition, with strategic pauses and moments of transition. Dreamcrusher’s ear-shattering sound collages are stimulating and refreshing.

You can listen to their music by streaming on Soundcloud, subscribing to his Bandcamp, or it buying on iTunes.

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