[11/22] Caine Casket EP release w/ Malakai, off.white, Lebeatski

Caine Casket EP release at Babycastles w/ Malakai, off.white, Lebeatski
Caine Casket EP release at Babycastles w/ Malakai, off.white, Lebeatski (November 22)

No Smoking is celebrating the release of Caine Casket‘s debut EP New Jerusalem with a beat-oriented showcase at Manhattan video game gallery Babycastles this Sunday, November 22. The event is all-ages, has a sliding scale ticket price of $5-10, and you can RSVP for it on facebook. We’ve written a little somethin’ somethin’ about all the artists for you below.

Caine Casket

Caine Casket is a 20-year-old hip-hop artist and producer hailing from New Jersey. In his solitude, Caine realized how easy it was to lose faith and sense of direction – but it was at these lowest of lows that Caine found purpose. As a poet, Caine’s voice became manifest, and as it transitioned to sounds he became whole. Finding his voice allowed him to recognize that not everyone has found theirs, and in that his true musical purpose was realized. Abstract lyricism, grainy sonic textures, and an array of cross-genre influences paint Caine’s musical landscape. His records are both perceptive and pensive.

“Garden” is an interlude from his debut EP New Jerusalem out November 20th. It’s produced by Jamal Smith with additional instrumentation by Quiet Luke, and it’s both groovy and meditative.

Caine Casket


Malakai is the musical vision of Colorado/New York based producer and guitarist, Malakai Linden. His music draws on many influences and strives to bridge the gap between electronic and acoustic styles, incorporating the sounds of real instruments into beautiful electronic beats. He now studies Music Technology and Sound Engineering at New York University in New York City. At only 20, he’s already been asked to play with talented electronic artists such as The Polish Ambassador, Random Rab, David Murphy of STS9, D.V.S*, Emancipator and Purity Ring.

MALAKAI @ Babycastles for No Smoking media

Malakai performing at Babycastles in May 2015 for a No Smoking Media showcase.


off.white is Elijah Scarlett, a beat-maker who goes to school in New Orleans. I heard of him via frequent No Smoking collaborators Amani Fela and Fro-Yo Ma, and I expect you’ll be hearing a good deal more about him in due time.

off white lemme feel real


Lebeatski is Eli Henry Goss, one-half of jazz fusion project The Breathing Effect (see them live at our showcase 12/3). He makes Beats You Can Abide To, and he’s pretty damn prolific (check out his extensive Bandcamp catalog!) – one might say that Lebeatski has a groove for every occasion.

Lebeatski (playing as The Breathing Effect)

Lebeatski pictured front-right, performing with The Breathing Effect for an April 2015 No Smoking Media showcase.

Caine Casket EP release at Babycastles w/ Malakai, off.white, Lebeatski

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