PREMIERE: Altopalo: “hahsnheads” [VIDEO] (dir. Zack Handler)

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So you’ve decided to do powerful psychedelics at a toxic waste dump. Or you’ve decided to watch Altopalo‘s new music video (which we here at No Smoking are thrilled to premiere for you). The experience, I’d imagine, would be pretty much the same.

hahsnheads is the newest single off the band’s (excellent) 2015 release noneofuscared. The video was directed by Zack Handler. Check it out below:

With delightful yet terrifying claymation figures – situated somewhere between man, machine, alien, Cambrian creatures, and Monty Python fever dreams – and their raved out misadventures, it’s hard not to see this music video’s aesthetics (masterminded and created by the apparently boundlessly imaginative Zack Handler) as the perfect extension to the Altopalo’s uniquely proggy brand of pop. The music, like the accompanying video, is overdetermined: busy, difficult, otherworldly, and, most importantly, melting any notion of simplicity. But the video doesn’t only dare you to think; it dares you to dance.

Yes… King Crimson filtered through mathy electropop; writing a dissertation on the notion of displacement in animal studies in the club; homemade DMT with Star Trek in the background; Wernher von Braun’s V-2 rocket crossed with a glitterbomb. Just experience it already; it’s the only way to learn.

You can purchase hahsnheads from their bandcamp page here. You can keep up with altopalo’s misadventures via Facebook. The band assures me that they are recording new music for us to enjoy soon.

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