NAH: noonewanna [VIDEO]


Yesterday (January 20) Phildelphia-based producer NAH released the video single for noonewanna. After deleting all of his previous releases off of bandcamp late last year in favor of a more concise catalogue, noonewanna is one of two releases on his new January 2016 Cassette. His previous release, Light as Fuck, was one of our Favorites of 2015. Needless to say, his newest track is nothing short of amazing.

Below is the video for noonewanna:

How can you begin to describe a track like this? noonewanna is exactly three minutes of frantic, cathartic hunger, caught in a whirl of disorienting synths and bleeding drums. NAH’s production is equal parts violent and restrained. The samples stutter and interrupt themselves, to complement NAH’s confident, confrontational vocal delivery. Synths and looped shouts comprise noonewanna‘s nihilist anthem: “No one can hope/No one can save”. NAH hits the sweet spot between punk, hip-hop, and experimentalism — he sonorously comes from a lineage of artists such as Death Grips and H99o9. NAH has carved out his space in this scene with a rusty knife. His music sounds like party music made for the pending apocalypse. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

The cassette will include three demos that will not be released digitally. You can pre-order NAH’s cassette here via Ranch Records, or find him on Bandcamp.

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