Turnip King: Metonymy [VIDEO]

turnip king

Turnip King is a basement shoegaze/noise band from Sea Cliff, NY, and they’re influenced by ambiguity, tone, and tim & eric. Metonymy is a song from their upcoming album Laika, and I don’t know when it will be released but I’m sure it will be awesome. Start your video watching experience below.

The video is composed entirely of collage-style VHS tape footage and mostly finished but unmastered audio, an extremely serendipitous combination for Turnip King’s aesthetic. When I saw them live at Aviv on Friday for their tour kickoff, the video was projected onto them in a pretty fantastic manner; there had already been some old-school VHS-style visuals going on, and they fit perfectly, so this video is just one example of Turnip King’s visual proficiency. Strange voices tune in for low-mixed monologues among guitar screeches and between vocal harmonies; a bluish cube rotates in space among fucked images of shorelines, trees, people, and American flags. If I had to name a universal characteristic for this music video, it would probably be ‘distortion,’ but it’s surely not distorted beyond the point of intelligibility. It’s just distorted to the point of weirdness, a happy balance.

You can keep up with Turnip King on social media and hear more from them on bandcamp.

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