The Nories: Ghosts Are Talking [VIDEO]

The Nories

New York City indie poppers The Nories just released an endearing music video for their single “Ghosts Are Talking.” It’s a pretty awesome collaborative effort, illustrated by Kristin Clark and edited by Cody Kussoy. The track is taken from their most recent (debut) release Lov/ners, which hovers comfortably between an EP and an LP. But anyway, don’t let me hold you back; check out the video below!

The video opens with a black-and-white shot of hysterical young woman running through the streets, and color is promptly added with the illustrative addition of lasers shooting from her eyes. This seems to be the major stylistic push of the video – vaguely appropriate oldies footage of people moving and dancing in time to the song with colorful and playful illustration edit enhancements (3-D glasses, bumblebees, confetti). I dig it, and I especially dig that the majority of these juxtapositions move me to a sort of knowing half-smile. I gotta say, this kind of music isn’t usually my favorite, but there just isn’t anything to complain about. It’s got some nice compositional and rhythmic change-ups, a delightfully crunchy guitar texture, really satisfyingly thumping snare and kick sounds – absolutely solid audio production through and through (props to band member Ryan Pellette for real). The best part is probably the approach to vocals, though; extremely present, attention-attracting-but-not-distracting, and pretty full-sounding despite the lack of vocal layers/harmonies. All in all, I’m reminded very positively of The Maccabees. Go, Nories!

You can keep up with The Nories on social media or stream their tunes on bandcamp.

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