The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman: Don’t Know What I’m Looking For [VIDEO]


If you’re looking for a common thread to unite everything that The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman releases, it’s probably positive vibes. No matter when or where you listen to Zach’s music, you’re probably gonna smile and transcend your immediate worries. The video for Don’t Know What I’m Looking For accompanies his latest release Sun Songs, an album where TAOTSS frontman Zachary Ellis is likened to a ball of joy hurtling through the cosmos.

The video isn’t super complex – in fact, it looks like a budget do-up, mostly shot in what appears to be Zach’s bedroom (where else would there be a sitar and a sewing machine visible in the same shot?) with just him and a female friend dancing their hearts out to the grooves. There’s a dominant visual effect of a lo-fi filter placed on top of the whole three-minute video, and that’s pretty much the craziest extent of the video editing here. “We’re all just swimming in the sea / the golden angel of love will set us free,” Zach declares as he shimmies to the left and right and makes hilarious eye contact with the camera. This track still reminds me super strongly of Bruce Springsteen gone indie, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing (I’m not the biggest Springsteen fan) – it’s lighthearted, easy to listen to, and overall just somehow tonally uplifting. The background lo-fi filter eventually reveals itself to be a superimposed shot of a desert, or something similar; it’s not stuff for a close conceptual deconstruction, but just a video to smile at while you watch Zach + crew dance like loons.

You can keep up with TAOTSS on social media or stream their recent album Sun Songs on bandcamp.

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