Pupppy: Beans


“Beans” is the first single from Purchase, New York based 4-piece Pupppy, with three p’s. Originally the solo project of Will Rutledge, Pupppy has evolved into a 4-piece band (4 piece, 3 p’s, heheh) playing shows around Brooklyn with some impressive contemporaries.

If the dirty cigarette butt and maggot filled pie cover art wasn’t an indicator, the track list for the upcoming album includes titles such as “Fucked Up” and “Puking (Merry Christmas)”. Despite the soft-spoken and sonically clean delivery, there is an obvious cynicism to Pupppy’s music. The album’s title, Shit In The Apple Pie has the same function: surface level cleanliness, with something more sinister and depressive brewing beneath.

The track begins with (and briefly revisits) a really fuzzed-up iteration of electric guitar. “Beans” is tinged with just enough distortion to keep it energetic, and just enough leisurely paced delivery to keep the track grounded and bitterly realist. Clocking in at less than 3 minutes, the song has many tidbits of wisdom and humanity shoved into the lyrics: “my foot is stuck in my mouth/until I shove it all the way down/ to the bottom of my throat/then I puke truth all over you”. The song is ultimately about the human experience – Beans’ conclusion is a universal flourish of homophone: “It’s what makes us human beings (beans)”.

Pupppy’s debut album “Shit in the Apple Pie” will be out 4/21 on Father Daughter Records – for now, you can follow them on social media.

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