The Jennifers: Drums Jam

I’m not sure exactly what drew me to The Jennifers. Perhaps it’s the ragged live cover of the Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down”, perhaps it’s the jangly 60’s guitar, or perhaps it’s that, despite the poor recording quality, there are some genuinely interesting musical ideas. “Drums Jam” is a 4 piece band jamming out with clean riffs, psychedelic hooks, and incomprehensible vocals.

Instead of fussing with multiply-hyphenated-genre-amalgams (Hey, have you checked out that post-jazz psychedelic sadcore band?), The Jennifers tag their music as “garage truth”. There’s definitely an intangible authenticity (and perhaps an antiquity) to their music that warrants this categorization. At some point in the track, we hear one of the band members say “I don’t know how to do it”. The Jennifers are unapologetically imperfect, but still fucking good. “Drums Jam” is a jam session at its core, DIY rock and roll evocative of an earlier time.

Check out The Jennifers on soundcloud.

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