Sojii: Milk Sop [PREMIERE]

sojii milk sop

Brooklyn-based post-punk band Sojii just dropped “Milk Sop,” a quick-and-dirty single release to usher in the new year. They self-describe as a “musical tonic for every dark and ecstatic feeling” performed by “yung kids playing guitars in brooklyn ny,” and I think that shows a pretty solid amount of self-awareness. I know about them because of their intersection with Invertebrate, the record-label-turned-booking-company responsible for the quick ascent of acts like field trip and fur. They’ve played spots like Aviv and Muchmore’s in the past, and next week they’re playing a pretty rad gig with PSYMON SPINE at The Knitting Factory. Without further ado, here’s our premiere of “Milk Sop.”

The track opens with a whistling/blaring guitar lead riff and a drum roll that leads into a mid-tempo, sludgy jam. If I had to characterize the riffing and chord progressions on “Milk Sop” in one word, that word would be angular: it feels like I’m being methodically jerked around a sterile chamber as women yell indiscernible things in my ear. In the end, the brutality of this experience isn’t half-bad, either – there’s a really pleasing rawness here that pulls Sojii’s sound as far away as possible from the usual contriteness of any Brooklyn band that labels itself as post-punk. I haven’t had the chance to catch them live yet, but I’m sure their performances are just as gritty as I’m imagining them. I’m reminded fondly of Metz and their distinctive music videos – I look forward to the day when Sojii start to work with the scores of talented videographers who inhabit NYC.

Until then, keep up with Sojii on social media, buy their music on bandcamp, and catch their upcoming show at The Knitting Factory!

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