Mumblr: Got It [Video]


The new video from Philadelphia fuzz-punk hooligans Mumblr for “Got It” (one of my favorite Mumblr tracks) is charming (as ever) and a really intelligently shot visual accompaniment to a mainline Mumblr track. The video release accompanies Mumblr’s first ever-vinyl release on Fleeting Youth Records (it’s also the first vinyl release for FYR), which you can pre-order here.

If you’ve ever seen Mumblr live, you probably recognize this song. The video begins with extremely solemn black-and-white footage of the Mumblr boys loitering in the middle of a four-lane road and making soulful facial expressions in the general direction of the camera. Lead singer Nick Morrison has a particularly suave moment mouthing the lyrics (“I’ll invite you to my room all the time” mumbles Nick (HA)), and the shot switches suddenly to the boys riding bikes and falling down in the road and all sorts of good stuff. Once you’ve gotten used to the hi-fi footage and right when you expect the song to ‘drop’ (the chorus is an extremely catchy one, and it’s a really recognizable one picked up upon immediately by new Mumblr fans), the shots are suddenly lo-fi live footage from some of Mumblr’s many house shows. The hi-fi recording process is super evident here – it’s punk sounding, but it’s really great to be able to clearly distinguish each cymbal crash and bass lick from the fuzz haze. In the video, people are going nuts for the song, and you’re probably going nuts behind your computer screen too. I know I am.


You can stream the rest of their newest LP Full of Snakes below:

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