Modern Diet: Drive

Modern Diet

Modern Diet is an NYC-based indie rock / R&B group who fuse many different styles to create a sound which appeals to several listener demographics. Their new music video Drive is out today, a mere week ahead of their self-titled album (release date June 23). Watch away, kiddies.

The video begins with a suit-sporting bald man (complete with a goatee dyed red at the tips) driving up to a suburban household in a smartcar. He tears his clothes off (the hi-res cameras pic give us a great view of his buttons flying to the left and right) to reveal a wrestling outfit as Jake Cheriff’s vocals come in with some delicate guitar chords, just in time to release Brad the parakeet from his cage and greet a wheelchair-bound emo kid who knocks at the door. There are lots of oohs and aahs layered into the moderate-paced, driving (get it?) track as the pair of friends do cutesy things like communicating via cup-and-string and decorating a birthday cake. The production quality on all fronts is really fantastic here – I hear every frequency of piano, vocals, and drums that I desire, and the video is just beautiful to look at. Lyrically, I think I’m not supposed to ‘get’ what the song is about (a personal moment, perhaps?), and that translates pretty well into the weirdness / arbitrary nature of the video. Perhaps the most uplifting moment of the increasingly weird imagery is when Wrestling Man and Wheelchair Boy go outside the house and release Brad the Technicolor Parakeet into the skies in a flash of rainbow lighting. As the camera pans out, I’m left thinking, “Wow, that house has a shitload of garages, right?”

You can keep up with Modern Diet on social media and hear more of their music on soundcloud.

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