Sharkmuffin: First Date

sharkmuffin first date

Sharkmuffin is a NYC-based opti-mystic pop fuzz glam grunge band who are about to release their debut album Chartreuse on State Capital/Little Dickman Records. These girls have been climbing the ranks of the NYC psych-rock scene for as long as we can remember, collaborating with people like Lost Boy?, ONWE, ADVAETA, Veda Rays, Haybaby, Chimes, and so many more. Take a listen to their one minute-zinger “First Date” below.

This track strongly reminds me of WAVVES and Best Coast, but a much more violent Best Coast for sure. Distorted power chords and flailing drum beats accompany Tarra’s righteous/joyous yelled vocals (“Don’t pull out/Pull your weight/Compensate… Can’t believe I sat through that bullshit about your home town”), providing a powerful and driving sentiment with lots of forward momentum. Some of the vocal harmonies (“oh-oh, oh-oh”) remind me strongly of the Ty Segall wave of west coast garage rock, but only in the most pleasant of ways. All in all, an enjoyable one-minute single – on the edge of my seat waiting for more!

You can keep up with Sharkmuffin on social media and hear more on soundcloud.

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