Seabat’s SYNTHUS is a 3-song EP that was released two days ago on record label/fun machine BEER ON THE RUG, of Macintosh Plus fame. For several years now, BEER ON THE RUG has been quietly releasing a very aestheticized curation of electronic music. Descriptors commonly thrown around are vaporwave and post-internet. Seabat’s music could certainly be described by these labels, but that’s reductionist – his music is ambient sound design, incarnated in a dreamy long-form composition.

The only song under 14 minutes, The Hotdog Man is one of those songs where you have to be really listening to perceive the small sounds that create its ambience. It’s an ambient tapestry woven with delicate thread: a meticulously quiet track of birds tweeting in the background, the pressurized hiss of white noise, a dial turned just subtlety enough to produce a more resonant tone. Halfway through the song we get a strange, distinctive, pitch-modified vocal samples that ping back and forth in stereo space. While Seabat fits neatly into the BEER ON THE RUG label pastiche in both sound and aesthetic, it’s a great offering and unique perspective on dreamy digital soundbytes.

You can find more music like this on BEER ON THE RUG label and check out more of Seabat’s releases on his bandcamp.


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