Hot Sugar: Sinkies [VIDEO]


Hot Sugar’s debut album God’s Hand was released this February on Break World Records.

Sinkies was written and directed by Hot Sugar (aka Nick Koenig) himself, and the video serves to transition the ethereal and futuristic sounds of his music into a multi-media experience. The video’s narrative is loosely a love story, told in a vignette of surrealism, crimes, and social media imagery. There are so many subtle details in Sinkies that augment its cohesion: the typo’d Tumblr comment “SHE REALLY JUST PUT THAT ZAN IN TEH SNAKE’S MOUF?”, the dumb and glassey eyed glances of the pug, slicing a vapor bubble with a blade.

This is a wonderful and genuine piece of post-internet artwork. Seriously. Nick Koenig’s command of branding and art direction is absolutely masterful and creative. In this video, the blue-toned, hazy, ethereal appearance of the female protagonist’s room is stunning. The staging and mise-en-scène is : soft lighting and smoke, an albino Burmese Python, a petrified spider, an apple bong. His creative thumbprint is so clearly embedded in everything he’s released so far.

You can purchase Hot Sugar’s music on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

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