Fur: Downtown Coffee [Premiere]

Downtown Coffee by Fur

Once upon a time, NYC-based rocker Mike Palladino made music under the moniker Mykil Love. Now, he’s changed his band name to the considerably less distinctive Fur, but his new track “Downtown Coffee” is distinctive enough for listeners to be able to immediately identify his grungy-yet-nostalgic feel. We’ve got the premiere here for you, and you can stream it directly below.

I will say, the vocal delivery on this track trumps the lyrical content by leagues. “Dial my number when you are around; we’ll get a coffee at that old place downtown,” sings Mike, and I find myself paying more attention to his playful singing than what he’s actually saying. This track has the feel of a hooky single, and if that’s what he was going for, it certainly succeeds (it’s a super easy number to get stuck in your head). In terms of the arrangement, “Downtown Coffee” features a delightfully energetic bassline that burbles underneath a freewheeling rhythm guitar that sounds weirdly between acoustic and electric. The lead texture feels like a strong Mac Demarco reference, but fits well within the context of the track. Probably my favorite moment is right after each chorus where washed-out low-mixed background vocals intertwine playfully with the lead part and bassline.

Keep up with Fur on facebook and go download his music on bandcamp.

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