Drelli ft. Tom Cat – Handsome Boys


If you’re looking for a summer banger then look no further. You’ve just found Handsome Boys by Drelli a.k.a Mondrell Fields Jr. Hailing from the South Side of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Drelli is a hard-working rap artist who has been releasing material for the past year. His latest track “Handsome Boys” packs youthful exuberance and summer vibes into four minutes of ravenous flow.

Part of what makes this track so successful is authenticity – it tangibly feels like the first day of summer break, imagining hazy nights of partying and cruising around your neighborhood (“I walk down the boardwalk with no socks”). It has the bits of youthful bravado you’d expect from a track called “Handsome Boys”, sprinkled in with some tidbits of wisdom and clever wordplay: “Mondrell got bars like sprint, ya dig? / Underground, so dig it / Henny on my nightstand / Messy, by the way, that I kick it”.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.24.29 AM

The production is as smooth as the lyrics. It features a simple, warm synth tone, layered with fresh sounding hip-hop drums. Simplicity can be deceiving – the instrumental is meticulously constructed, adding a chime or going silent for a bar at perfectly opportune moments. It’s a superb companion to lyrics that reference BBQ ribs, Chef Boyardee, and Van Gogh. As the final saxophone fades, it feels like it’s finally time for summer, yo.

Check out Drelli’s Soundcloud for some more good vibez.

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