Nahsolo: Gran Turismo


Nahsolo is a mysterious beat-making entity I know only from the Internet. He specializes in J Dilla-esque bass-heavy hip-hop beats, and now apparently he’s branched out to designing nostalgic video game soundtracks. I’m sure he would choose a different track to get blog coverage if he had the choice, but since this is the first new material in over a year I felt sort of obligated to give it a shot.

Chiming blocky synth tones announce the beginning of a track which will surely be a time traveling experience for those who may have owned Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. The percussion is pretty typical of a Nahsolo track – muted thumps and clicks pave the way for sliding counter-melodies played with synths, or more likely sampled from a digital source. Nahsolo has in the past prided himself on using samples all from vinyl recordings, but somehow I doubt that this track has much analog source material. It just wouldn’t fit with the aesthetic. I honestly can’t even tell if this is a remix of already-existing Gran Turismo soundtracks, or a new creation intended to soundtrack a game that’s already long past its heyday. In either case, it’s certainly enjoyable and weird enough to listen to. It also ends very abruptly, which I find amusing.

Don’t forget to check out Nahsolo’s full mixtape, available now on bandcamp.

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