Dave Amazin: Watch Yo’ Mouth


When listening to a Dave Amazin’ track, it’s a given that the he’s going in from the beginning to the end of the song. He doesn’t rely on manufactured hooks or a skull-bashing pistol-gripping persona to wrestle his listener’s attention into submission. Dave is one of those increasingly rare rappers who comes off as more self-reflective and sensitive to the world around him, rather than concerned about augmenting his swole pockets or eliminating his enemies – “I Find Myself With Less And Less To Say Everyday. But More And More To Express.” (from twitter)

“Watch Yo’ Mouth” is equally as hard-hitting on the production as it is lyrically. The track, produced by Kevbo Beats, rests on a repetitive two-bar shimmering guitar loop and some markedly modern percussion in comparison to Dave’s previous Young Solomon mixtape. The message of the track isn’t obscured by poetic language. It openly puts on blast the most aggravated nerve clusters of the national political and pop cultural psyche: Trayvon, Mike Brown, consumerism, firearms obsession, and government surveillance. The MC is pushing for an overhaul of the American perspective, and perhaps a second’s more thought before we all open our mouths. “They got the phone tapped my nig’, you better watch yo’ mouth.”

Dave Amazin’s next project, #BetterDaysTomorrow, is the perfect digital stocking stuffer, sliding into your eardrums Christmas Day 2014. In the meantime, be sure to revisit Young Solomon, and check out two more drops from the new project at davexamazin.tumblr.com.

To stream the individual track, click here: http://tmblr.co/Z37Cyv1WK2PwL

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