Baked: Mick Jagger

Baked Debt Album Cover

Comprised of five members who are familiar staples in the Brooklyn DIY scene (Leapling, Lost Boy?), Baked’s debut LP Debt was released this August on Exploding in Sound. All of the 9 tracks, with the exception of the opener “Cramsey” are languid slow-burners, both the guitars and vocals drenched in reverb and acidity. What Baked lacks in cohesion, it makes up for in nuance – its traditional indie rock formula is consistently interesting with small instrumental flourishes and variations. Coupled with the cheekily titled Rolling Stoned tour, the album’s midway point and standout track is “Mick Jagger”.

“Mick Jagger” is ultimately a song driven by percussion. While a tribal and chugging hand drum would seem out of place on many rock songs, Baked’s drummer Yoni David is fantastic in his creative use of fills and small fluctuations to break the monotony of such a protagonistic instrument. The relentlessly clashing cymbals halfway through the song are jarring, and perhaps frantic reminders that just a year ago, David was told he would never drum again. Vocalist R.J. Gordon’s delivery is often flat and monotone, but it’s amply suited to the fuzzed out and bummer atmosphere of Debt: he sneers “I’m Mick fucking Jagger” before relinquishing into chorus of washed out guitars and manic drumming.

Baked’s music is available for purchase or streaming on bandcamp.

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